First post! :D

Hi everyone! 🙂

This is the first post on the new blog, so I’m very excited! Welcome to the new website for RunVassar, the official running club on campus.

RunVassar is an opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle through exercise, and encourages goal-setting and consistency for runners of all levels. Whether you are an experienced runner or a complete beginner, our weekly group runs are welcome to all in the Vassar and local community. We guarantee that no one will be left behind during a group run. We also have numerous resources for runners, co-sponsor the annual Halloween Fun Run and host the annual Founder’s Day Fun Run.

So you might be wondering what happened with our old website, formerly  After the 2011-12 academic year, during the transition of leadership, the group’s license for the website domain accidentally expired and was not renewed.  When I tried to renew the domain after I became President last year, it took a lot of emails and effort.  Ultimately, the Executive Board and I decided to create a WordPress blog instead, since it would serve the same purpose as the website and would not cost us any money from our budget.  Soon, I will be updating this blog with all of the content that was previously on the website.

See you in September and happy runs! 😀

– Leighton Suen, Vassar ’14

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