Change Times + Running Playlist

Hi everyone!

We’ve had some group runs this week where no runners showed up, so we’re wondering if the current times (Tues, Thurs. 5:30 and Sat, Sun. 4pm) are the most convenient for everybody. Please fill out the following WhenIsGood survey so that we can find the best times for as many people as possible. Once we figure out a time, we’ll send out another email with the new group run times.

Also, here’s the Running-themed playlist that we had at Thank Goodness It’s Vassar, last Friday. All the song titles have the word “run” in them. 🙂

Good luck with classes!

— Leighton


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One Response to Change Times + Running Playlist

  1. Ronald Yu says:

    The new running times are:
    Sunday 4:30
    Tuesday 5:00
    Thursday 4:30
    Saturday 4:00

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