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Hi everyone! 😀

This week, we’re having special group runs.  What’s special this week is that we’re doing Early Bird Runs both times!  The runner that gets to Main Building the earliest gets to decide the routes!

There won’t be group runs over break… but there will be runs on the following Tuesday and Thursday.  Also, the 5th Annual Halloween 5K Fun Run is coming up on the 26th!  You can sign up here or on race day at 10am in the Residential Quad:

Costumes are encouraged! 😀  You can see the route for the race on our website:

Also, we announced the winner of the T-shirt raffle today!  Please reply to this email to receive your prize.  But, if you didn’t win, not to worry!  Our wonderful Communications Chair Madison Senior has designed some awesome shirts, available for purchase right now.  Head over to our brand new Facebook page and “like” it  to see the shirt designs:  If you want one, just reply to this email with your T-shirt size.

Lastly, we’re doing a bake sale / T-shirt sale in the College Center the week before the Halloween 5K.  If you’re interested in baking or working the V-Cash machine, please let us know.  Thanks so much! 🙂

— Leighton


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