Group runs this week!

Hi runners! 🙂

1) After three days of tabling last week, we ended up fundraising about $75 for our Relay for Life team and the fight against cancer! Thank you so much Madison, Robin, Natalie, Ian, Charlie, and Ronald for helping bake cookies and brownies, gather supplies, and table in the College Center! If you are interested in joining our Relay for Life team, email Team Captain Ronald at formore information. 

2) Congratulations to everyone who ran the Halloween 5K Fun Run! Watching all of the runners in costumes was so much fun!  

3) We’re still taking orders for our official black T-Shirt, which was designed by our Communications Chair Madison! They will cost about $12, and you can see the designs on our Facebook page. If you want to order one, just email us back with your size. 

4) Group runs… Tuesday at 5pm, Thursday at 4:30pm, Saturday at 4pm, and Sunday at 4:30pm. (In case you’re wondering, we selected these times because I sent out a When Is Good survey at the beginning of the semester, and these times are when most of the respondents are free.) Also, please note that we will be retaking our official group yearbook photo this Sunday right before the run.

Thanks!  Hope to see you soon! 🙂

— Leighton


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