New group run schedule!

Hi everyone! 🙂

1) Just a reminder that we’re sticking to the new schedule we started last week because of Daylights Saving. Tuesday and Thursday at 4:45; Saturday and Sunday at 3pm.  If you haven’t been to one of our group runs yet, NOW is the time!
2) We are in the process of organizing a one-day running trip to Mohonk Mountain!  We need to know how big of a van to rent, so if you’re interested in this trip (it will either be on a Saturday or Sunday), please reply to this email!
3) We’re starting a running buddy list like we had last year!  If you want to find a running partner and can’t make it to our group runs, just send us an email with your name, email, preferred running times, and running level.  We will send out the running buddy list next week, and you can match yourself to other runners!  (To maintain privacy, this list will only be sent to the recipients of this emailing list; it will NOT go on our website or Facebook pages.)  Last year, we had around 10 people use the list to find running partners!
We’ve had great running weather lately!  Hope to see you soon! 🙂
— Leighton
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