Hunting Season Reminders

Hi runners! 🙂

1) Hunting Season Reminders

I. We discourage you from running on the Farm during hunting season (until Dec. 8th), especially during hunting hours. If you absolutely must run on the Farm, make sure to bring a cellphone or, even better, a friend wearing a neon-colored shirt with a cellphone!
II. Also, watch out for people toting guns, Animal Crossing-style pitfalls (shallow graves) or nets on the ground that will trap you into the air when you step on them. 
III. If you’ve ever wanted to live out the Hunger Games… But seriously, we at RunVassar are not responsible for anything that happens to you. Please don’t sue us.

2) Group run this week! Tuesday at 4:45! The next group run will be next Tuesday. We haven’t decided on a time yet, but we want to move the Tuesday / Thursday runs to an earlier time so that we’re not running in the dark. If you have any suggestions, let us know!

3) Mohonk Mountain update: So it turns out that Vassar makes you jump through a few hoops before they’ll let you rent and drive their vans. Our VP Ronald and Treasurer Charlie are currently on the list to get van-certification. But it looks like we’ll have to postpone this trip to next semester. The good news is, we’ll probably have two trips next semester!

Have great Thanksgiving Breaks! 🙂

— Leighton



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