First Week of RunVassar Runs!!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to RunVassar! We are a chill running club that runs together several times a week at times that are best for the most people.  Feel free to come to as many or as few runs as you want.  Some of us are new to running while others are former cross-country/track runners.  Please let us know your running ability at the beginning of each run so that we can serve you best.

We always meet in front of Main Circle, where we will chat, stretch, and break up into groups each led by a run leader.
We are so excited to start running with you! Here are the times and weather for group runs this week.
Sunday (TODAY!): 4pm, 78° and sunny
Monday: 3pm, 72° and mostly cloudy
Tuesday: 5pm, 70° and cloudy
Wednesday: 5:30pm, 72° showers possible
Thursday: 4:45pm, 75° showers possible
Friday: 4pm, 75° and cloudy
Saturday: 5pm, 70° and sunny
In light of the schedules of the new runners who’ve joined today, we will probably run at different times next week. Here’s a survey where you can give us when you can come. Run leaders, please be sure to fill it out 😀
If you have any questions about the club, send us an email!
See you soon,
Ronald, Charlie, and Natalie
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