New running schedule! (11/3 – 11/9)

Hey everybody, Happy November!
Here are the new run times starting this week: 
Monday: 3:30pm led by Ronald (51 and sunny)
Tuesday: 8am led by Lony, and 4pm by Ian/Robin (61 mostly sunny)
Wednesday: 7:45am by Natalie and  4pm by Charlie (64 and cloudy)
Thursday: 8am by Lony and 4pm by Robin (59 w/chance of rain)
Friday: 4pm by Charlie (50 w/chance of rain)
Saturday: 10am by Natalie and Ronald, and 4pm by Charlie (46 and mostly sunny)
Sunday: 10am by Natalie and Ronald, and 4pm by Robin (50 and mostly sunny)
As the weather gets colder and possibly snowy, we’ll be continuing our runs unless it’s not practical (6″ or more of snow on the ground or icy as a skating rink).  Of course, we’ll let you know if we’re cancelling a run.
We will be baking cookies and pies on  Sunday 11/16 and tabling in the College Center starting on Monday 11/17.  If you would like to help out with either let us know!
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