A Very Belated Princeton Recap

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Even though the Princeton Invitational was almost a month ago, it’s never too late to blog about it and reminisce! After a hearty breakfast at the Deece, we set off only an hour later than anticipated to drive to New Jersey. Luckily we only made a few wrong turns the entire time (though one of those wrong turns was repeated twice in a row… whoops), and before we knew it we had made it to Princeton and were ready to race. And race we did! Even though we didn’t have enough runners to technically be a team that could score points or anything, we were all still winners in our hearts and did Vassar proud.

After the race we explored a bit of the Princeton campus. Admittedly it was pretty impressive, but in the end… come on, Vassar is still better. Obviously. By then we were pretty eager to get some food in our bellies, and the restaurant that we went to did not disappoint. All you can eat sushi buffet, twenty bucks. You checked off what you wanted on a little paper menu and they just started bringing it out to you one thing after another which was both scary and awesome. It was what one can only describe as a smorgasbord, and my personal consumption included but was not limited to seaweed salad, mustard salad, miso soup, vegetable dumplings, tempurah tofu, an avocado and peanut roll, a sweet potato roll, and fried bananas. I legitimately did not know my stomach was capable of holding that much. It was a great meal of delicious food and great company. After rolling ourselves out of there, we made the drive back to campus in one tired but happy piece.


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