Turkey Trot 5K Recap + Plans for This Semester!


Yes, Thanksgiving and all of the holidays that are involved with December and the entirety of winter break have elapsed, and it’s now 2015. But, let’s not forget how ~awesome~ the Turkey Trot 5K was back in November! We sold some festive cookies and pies and looked really stylish doing it, as evidenced above by the lovely Robin modeling our wares, and raised some money to donate to the local food bank. Thanks to the help of our volunteers and the participation of so many runners from Vassar and the Poughkeepsie community, we had a great race with a wonderful turn out.

So let’s keep that running-related excitement going into 2015! Our first two runs of the new year and new semester will be this weekend, Saturday January 31st and Sunday February 1st, at 3:00PM. As usual, we meet in front of Main Building. Our first draft of the new running schedule for the entire week will be figured shortly, so stay tuned.

Other things to look forward to this semester: fundraising with a Friday the 13th/Valentine’s Day themed bake sale, possible laser tag collaboration, Families’ Weekend 5K, and Founder’s Day 5K!

Until then, bundle up in your Underarmor, thick socks, hats, and gloves and come brave the cold to run with us! Hope to see you out there.

-RunVassar Exec Board

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