Turkey Trot 5K Recap + Plans for This Semester!


Yes, Thanksgiving and all of the holidays that are involved with December and the entirety of winter break have elapsed, and it’s now 2015. But, let’s not forget how ~awesome~ the Turkey Trot 5K was back in November! We sold some festive cookies and pies and looked really stylish doing it, as evidenced above by the lovely Robin modeling our wares, and raised some money to donate to the local food bank. Thanks to the help of our volunteers and the participation of so many runners from Vassar and the Poughkeepsie community, we had a great race with a wonderful turn out.

So let’s keep that running-related excitement going into 2015! Our first two runs of the new year and new semester will be this weekend, Saturday January 31st and Sunday February 1st, at 3:00PM. As usual, we meet in front of Main Building. Our first draft of the new running schedule for the entire week will be figured shortly, so stay tuned.

Other things to look forward to this semester: fundraising with a Friday the 13th/Valentine’s Day themed bake sale, possible laser tag collaboration, Families’ Weekend 5K, and Founder’s Day 5K!

Until then, bundle up in your Underarmor, thick socks, hats, and gloves and come brave the cold to run with us! Hope to see you out there.

-RunVassar Exec Board

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Turkey Trot 5k

Our first fun run of the year is finally upon us! 

Race day registration will start on the quad between Davison and Raymond at around 10:15am. Numbers and pins will be provided at the registration table. Money donations to the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley will also be accepted there.

We will give a walkthrough of the course at the registration tables at 10:50 before walking over to the start (Main Gate) at 11:00am. The course will be marked with signs and chalk arrows and guided by several volunteers from the Office of Health Education as well as by Vassar Security.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.54.36 PM

The temperature is looking to be in the mid 30’s with 0% chance of rain. Although the weather may not be perfect for running fast times, we will have prizes for top finishers!

Lastly, this is a community oriented event, so please give us a hand in welcoming our guests to Vassar.

See you tomorrow!
-RunVassar Exec Board

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A Very Belated Princeton Recap

IMG_455710731045_651288834987107_6037016507784506119_n10270282_650910981691559_4352465090165437805_n 10402693_10204512025375792_8604541107745542029_n

Even though the Princeton Invitational was almost a month ago, it’s never too late to blog about it and reminisce! After a hearty breakfast at the Deece, we set off only an hour later than anticipated to drive to New Jersey. Luckily we only made a few wrong turns the entire time (though one of those wrong turns was repeated twice in a row… whoops), and before we knew it we had made it to Princeton and were ready to race. And race we did! Even though we didn’t have enough runners to technically be a team that could score points or anything, we were all still winners in our hearts and did Vassar proud.

After the race we explored a bit of the Princeton campus. Admittedly it was pretty impressive, but in the end… come on, Vassar is still better. Obviously. By then we were pretty eager to get some food in our bellies, and the restaurant that we went to did not disappoint. All you can eat sushi buffet, twenty bucks. You checked off what you wanted on a little paper menu and they just started bringing it out to you one thing after another which was both scary and awesome. It was what one can only describe as a smorgasbord, and my personal consumption included but was not limited to seaweed salad, mustard salad, miso soup, vegetable dumplings, tempurah tofu, an avocado and peanut roll, a sweet potato roll, and fried bananas. I legitimately did not know my stomach was capable of holding that much. It was a great meal of delicious food and great company. After rolling ourselves out of there, we made the drive back to campus in one tired but happy piece.


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New running schedule! (11/3 – 11/9)

Hey everybody, Happy November!
Here are the new run times starting this week: 
Monday: 3:30pm led by Ronald (51 and sunny)
Tuesday: 8am led by Lony, and 4pm by Ian/Robin (61 mostly sunny)
Wednesday: 7:45am by Natalie and  4pm by Charlie (64 and cloudy)
Thursday: 8am by Lony and 4pm by Robin (59 w/chance of rain)
Friday: 4pm by Charlie (50 w/chance of rain)
Saturday: 10am by Natalie and Ronald, and 4pm by Charlie (46 and mostly sunny)
Sunday: 10am by Natalie and Ronald, and 4pm by Robin (50 and mostly sunny)
As the weather gets colder and possibly snowy, we’ll be continuing our runs unless it’s not practical (6″ or more of snow on the ground or icy as a skating rink).  Of course, we’ll let you know if we’re cancelling a run.
We will be baking cookies and pies on  Sunday 11/16 and tabling in the College Center starting on Monday 11/17.  If you would like to help out with either let us know!
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Princeton Invitational 10/11/14

Hello runners!
RunVassar would like to invite you to participate in the Princeton University Invitational Race on October 11th!
It is held through the National Intercollegiate Running Club Association (NIRCA) which organizes several races a year just for running clubs like our’s!  The distances are 6k for women and 8k for men.  The cost is $15 per runner. More info can be found here:
RunVassar will provide transportation (in a Vassar College van) to the event, which will be on the Princeton University XC course at The West Windsor Fields.  We can take a maximum of 12 people to the event, so please let us know by email if you are interested! (Priority will go to runners who have come to at least 1 group run before 10/5/14).
This is the first time we will be representing Vassar at an off-campus race, so we hope you are as excited as we are!
Also, we are selling RunVassar T-shirts for $10 each.  If you are interested, send us an email or let a run leader know!
your front design your back design
And here’s the weekly reminder of our running times as well as the weather forecast for the week (no promises it will be accurate though). As always we meet near the benches in front of Main, and how long and how far we run each day will depend on what everyone there is comfortable with.
Monday: 5:30 PM [81°, cloudy]
Tuesday: 8:00 AM and 5:30 PM [74° partly cloudy]
Wednesday: 7:00AM and 4:30PM [70°, chance of showers]
Thursday: 8:00AM and 4:30PM [72°, cloudy]
Friday: 4:00 PM [72°, partly cloudy]
Saturday: 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM [70°, chance of morning showers]
Sunday: 4:00 PM [65°, partly cloudy]
See you soon,
Ronald, Charlie, and Natalie
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First Week of RunVassar Runs!!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to RunVassar! We are a chill running club that runs together several times a week at times that are best for the most people.  Feel free to come to as many or as few runs as you want.  Some of us are new to running while others are former cross-country/track runners.  Please let us know your running ability at the beginning of each run so that we can serve you best.

We always meet in front of Main Circle, where we will chat, stretch, and break up into groups each led by a run leader.
We are so excited to start running with you! Here are the times and weather for group runs this week.
Sunday (TODAY!): 4pm, 78° and sunny
Monday: 3pm, 72° and mostly cloudy
Tuesday: 5pm, 70° and cloudy
Wednesday: 5:30pm, 72° showers possible
Thursday: 4:45pm, 75° showers possible
Friday: 4pm, 75° and cloudy
Saturday: 5pm, 70° and sunny
In light of the schedules of the new runners who’ve joined today, we will probably run at different times next week. Here’s a survey where you can give us when you can come. Run leaders, please be sure to fill it out 😀
If you have any questions about the club, send us an email!
See you soon,
Ronald, Charlie, and Natalie
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Group Run Every Day this Week! :D

Hi runners! 🙂

For the FIRST TIME EVER, RunVassar is having a group run every single day this week! 🙂  Hopefully, with the weather being so nice and with classes being over, we will be seeing plenty of new faces.  Come relieve all that stress from finals! 
Monday 3:30pm: 400’s and 200’s led by Ronald on the TH track!  Meet in front of Main!  82°F
Tuesday 4pmRun led by Robin and Natalie! 66°F
Wednesday 4pmRun led by Robin and Natalie! 62°F
Thursday 4pmRun led by Charlie and Leighton! 72°F
Friday 3pmRun led by Lony and Leighton! 68°F
Saturday 3pmRun led by multiple leaders! 67°F
Sunday 3pmRun led by multiple leaders!  64°F
Good luck with finals & hope to see you soon! 😀
– Leighton and Ronald
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